Sombra® PLUS CBD




Sombra®, the company you have grown to trust since 1974, is proud to introduce Sombra® PLUS CBD Pain Relieving Gel. Our regionally grown hemp infused products harness the natural power of our pain relieving topicals with responsibly sourced CBD. Deliver consistent dosing and predictable results to your patients.

Natural Pain Relief Enhanced with CBD Isolate

  • Ultimate CBD Purity, Consistency and Predictability
  • Lab tested to ensure 100% purity
  • THC Free
  • Simple and reliable dosing
  • Not habit forming or mind altering
  • Available in both WARM and COOL Therapy
  • CBD Isolate eliminates entourage side effects
  • Available in 500 mg
  • Available in 1000 mg
  • Proudly made in the USA

Sombra® is committed to your health and well being.

Nothing is more important to us than quality. We believe that true healing starts with the type of products you use. Sombra® is proudly manufactured in our GMP own facility, ensuring we have utmost control over quality. Our pain relieving gels have always contained natural, vegan ingredients without harsh chemicals.